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Before Installation Make Sure that Your MS Windows Operating System Updated

Download Links

Stock Market Prediction-Simulation Software download SMT2 (2020.05)
- new prediction and trading simulator system

Stock Market Prediction-Simulation Software download SMT1 (2020.04)
- prediction-simulation software

Stock Market Forecast Software download SMFT-2 (2020.08)
- advanced system

Stock Market Forecast Tools download SMFT-1 (2018.06)
- an integrated system that included SMAP-3 and NNSTP-2

Installation Procedure Steps

To use the software, a registration will be required (name and email address); your computer identification number will be associated with the license. Your email address will be used only for our users internal registry and to notify about critical updates. We have never and will never sell, trade, or otherwise provide your information to a third party or submit your information for another list.

Hardware and System Requirements

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Technical Support and Feedback

If you have come across any technical problem or would like to suggest any improvements, please email us at

Recommended PC protection: Microsoft Security Essentials

Software is save to install