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4-Way Exit Method Stock Market traders use different types of sell signal to exit position. Since exit signal cannot be reliable enough, some traders use stop loss and profit target to exit position. The question is if a combination of different exits can provide a better trading performance. The most comprehensive research in the area of optimal exits configuration was done by Addaptron Software. ... read article:

Stock Market Trading Using 4-Way Exit Method

The Power of Using Multiple Forecast in Stock Market A multi-model forecast provides a significant improvement over the best individual forecast. It can be explained by existence of many different independent factors contributing to the error in each forecast which distributed around actual value. ... read article:

The Power of Multi-Model Forecast in Stock Market

Timing analysis It is important to understand the behavior of a broad stock market because it significantly influences an individual stock. Predicting general stock market makes possible to take advantage of its moves by investing and selling in a right time. As a result, optimal investing timing helps to maximize the return on investment. ... read article:

Optimal Investing Timing

Stock market changed We live in times of worldwide economical integration, new technologies, and global problems. All these affect the stock market investing. Many agree that the stock investing changed in the last decade. How new age developments and innovations change the stock market? ... read article:

How to Understand the Stock Market Nowadays

Predicting Stock Market Using Cycle Analysis and Synthesis A semi-cyclical nature of the stock market can be a bad surprise for some investors but others know how to take advantage of the cycles. To discover cyclical and semi-cyclical components in the stock market patterns, investors use different software tools. These computer programs help investors to benefit from a fluctuating nature of the stock market... ... read article:

Predicting Stock Market Using Cycle Analysis and Synthesis

Market Crowd Factor: Why Trend Might Not Be Your Friend Sometimes A good principle, robust idea, or advanced system might help to win in the stock market. But what if it is used by almost all market participants? Would everyone be a winner? Read to find out about cases when stock investing can be successful or risky. ... read article:

Market Crowd Factor: Why Trend Might Not Be Your Friend Sometimes

Investing analysis Share's price depends on company's quarterly reports, future expectations, and industry-sector and broad market changing conditions. Besides, many investors make their decision watching news, technical analysis signals, seasonal and cyclical fluctuations - their buy-sell decisions are easily able to drive stock prices. How to process all information and win in the stock market? ... read article:

How to Become a Successful Investor

WordPress: Stock Forecast Methods The stock market prediction can be built on the following approaches: Efficient Market Hypothesis (it states that the prices captures all known information), Fundamental analysis (it considers companies performance), or Technical analysis (it uses historical prices and volumes statistics to detect trend). Using the combination of these methods may improve the accuracy of prediction. ... read more.
Blogger: Stock Market Forecast Neither bear nor bull market is bad because both can be used to the benefits of knowledgeable investors - the most important thing is stock market predictability. ... read more.

Stock market changed The more data are taken into consideration, the more precise an investment-related solution and, consequently, the more profitable can be investing. Using software tools help investors and traders to research, analyze, and predict stock market. Also computer programs help tracking the performance of invested stocks, selecting potential ones, and optimizing buy-sell moments. Today using information technology in stock investing is important than ever. A current stock market is different than it was decades ago, when a strategy "buy-and-hold" was good enough. Nowadays it is harder to get a good investment return without using right information and right tools.