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SMT3: Trading with Artificial Intelligence

SMT3 Makes Trading Profitable and Easy

SMT3 is a prediction-simulation software for EOD stock market traders. The software provided with the access to a powerful server-side (cloud equipped with AI) prediction data of selected ETFs. Multi-model Forecast Module calculates the probability of winning trade based on technical indicators signals, waves prediction, pattern filter, and cycles extrapolation.

Numerous computer simulations based on a big set of data discovered that a better performance can be achieved by adding more conditions for exit. The idea was implemented in 4-Way Exit Method . Its simplified version is used in SMT3 to maximize trading return.

use SMT3 one month for free

The main purpose of the software is to provide traders with a simple powerful tool to make trading process easy and confident. SMT3 is intended for traders that are available for trading during 10-13 minutes before US Stock Market Close. These traders should have at least intermediate knowledge in the market and computers. The software has the following benefits:
  • Its comprehensive AI forecast output is combined into a single list of ranked symbols. Such a simple concept enables most traders to use the software easily.
  • The forecasts of symbols with exit prices and dates are calculated on the server side (computing cloud) so that users can save time.
  • The software recommends exit prices that allows users just to place a limit sell order for the next market days. It makes trading considerably less stressful.
  • The software has a trading simulation functionality that allows users to analyze trading results during different periods.
  • The software uses predicted data of leveraged ETFs (and may include some other stocks) that downloaded from Addaptron Software server for free.
use SMT3 one month for free
The example of SMT3 user interface: tab-page Simulation

The example of SMT3 user interface: Simulation

To get detailed SMT3 Manual, first download and install SMT3 , then access Help menu via SMT3 main interface.