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Why BST-2 Software is Optimal Solution for a Small Business

Usually, everyone who starts running own small business comes across a lot of difficulties in managing the information, such as, database of prospects, different contact data, mailing lists, bookkeeping records, etc. Managing data can be done manually for a small volume of transactions but it can be a disaster in case of increasing business activities. At first glance, it looks simple to buy some software tools for contacts' management, bookkeeping/accounting and use them. Some of the business software tools are very good and comprehensive. However, most of them are complicated (even it is necessary for users to take some courses), also they can be expensive. Another point is that, as a rule, their capabilities are used only partially.

At the beginning, one of the solutions is to use MS Excel (or its equivalent) spreadsheets for prospects' data, financial records and reports, and other data. The electronic tables make it easy to customize a simple informational system to your particular type of business and style. Also if your needs change - it is flexible - you can easily change any data table structure or output document format. MS Outlook can be used for managing emails addresses and also contact information. One of the disadvantages is a lack of data integration.

In case of growing business, the next logical step is to use a more efficient and automatic system. A good solution is to find a tool with a certain degree of integration. However, it should be simple and easy to use. It should consist of different modules that allow making most daily, monthly, and other data managing operations. Also it should allow inter-operating that makes the tools more efficient. Its databases have to be in simple universally used formats (TXT, CSV, HTML, or XLS) so that you could easily exchange your data with any other tools (other applications, like MS Excel, allow you to build charts and make any additional calculations). In addition, a simplicity of databases ensures a successful recovering all data in most crash cases. Besides, simple formats enable a fast data backup into external storage devices. Accounting and reporting modules must protect transactions from errors and ensure the reconciliation of all reports. And finally, it should be flexible to adjust to fast changes of small business needs.

BST-2 consists of four modules that can be used together or independently - Task Helper, Contact Manager, Email Distributor, and Accounting. Task Helper assists with scheduling tasks, reviewing or listening to the list of tasks at different stages of completion. Contact Manager allows interacting with Email Distributor. The email system helps to maintain the lists of different groups of contacts (address books). It can be used to send personalized email messages automatically to many recipients, as well as, to a single one. It allows using different templates for different purposes, including newsletters. Users can prepare and send a message in a plain TXT-format or in HTML-format. Accounting tool helps with basic accounting and reporting. Output reports are open-closing balance sheets, income and cashflow statements for selected by user period and with monthly comparative analysis. Since it interoperates with MS Excel, a user can build charts and make any additional pre- and post- calculations. It is simple, and it is easy to use. It protects transactions from errors and ensures the reconciliation of all reports.

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