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Divergence Indicators Demonstrate Better Predictive Abilities

Technical analysts use many different indicators. Not all indicators are equally good. Some of them have better predictive abilities than others at given conditions. Statistical results of the research for stocks and indexes during the last several months have showed the way to improve some regular indicators. In short, if an indicator is trend-differentially coupled with price – it demonstrates better predictive abilities than a pure indicator.

Calculating Divergence IndicatorAmong studied indicators are Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicators. They have been transformed to a slope of line and differentially-coupled with a price line slope. Indicators and price transformation to line slopes has been performed using Least Squares Linear Regression within a sliding 10-day period (moving window). A comparative analysis of indicators’ predictive abilities showed that these two coupled ones are better than around 90% of all other (57) the most popular indicators.

The chart below shows an example of such forecast:

The research results presented here have been calculated using a feature of Technical Analyzer TA-1 (TA). Except analyzing chart with indicators and historical data, TA enables to perform a 10-day forecast using Artificial Neural Network. The calculations can be done on the basis of one selected technical indicator or all available. If all indicators used, TA decides how much weight should be assigned for each indicator’s forecast in a composite result by using back-testing for particular market conditions and a specific stock. Each weight is proportional to a predictive ability of a corresponding technical indicator.