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Addaptron Software released a new system, SMT2 (Stock Market Tools, release 2). SMT2 is intended for EOD traders with intermediate or advanced knowledge in the Stock Market trading and computer software. SMT2 is the next development of prediction and trading simulator systems. Previous version, SMT1, was the first generation of such software.

SMT2 provided with the access to a powerful server-side (cloud equipped with AI) prediction data of selected ETFs. Multi-model Forecast Module calculates the probability of future uptrend. This calculation is based on technical indicators signals, waves prediction, pattern filter, and cycles extrapolation. Using internal simulation results, AI decides how to interpret most relevant data.

The software is to trade the group of well-traded leveraged ETFs. Each ETF has inverse counterpart and represents different industries that allows finding a potential winner every day. The software predicts, simulates and optimizes trading performance to maximize overall return.

SMT2 has the following benefits:

  • AI forecast output is combined into a single prediction number which equals the probability of future uptrend. It enables investors/traders to use the software effortlessly.
  • The software predicts entry and exit prices that allows users just to place a limit buy or limit sell order for the next market day.
  • The software has a forecast history simulation functionality that allows users to maximize return by finding the best exits combination.
  • The software includes an extra feature to analyze a current position, track buy-sell transactions, and measure trading performance.
  • Since AI is able to optimize many settings parameters, the number of user-defined parameters is minimized so that users can save time.

The main differences between SMT2 and previous version SMT1:

  • SMT2 somewhat easier to use than SMT1
  • SMT2 has a slightly better prediction accuracy since all predictions and optimizations are performed on a special server where computing power exceeding a regular PC.
  • SMT2 forecast models are optimized for smaller stop-loss values and shorter holding periods. Therefore, SMT2 can provide a lower trading risk than SMT1.
  • SMT2 trading is optimized for a moving predicted exit price, i.e., every day limit order should be adjusted to a new target price.
  • SMT2 trading model suggests to sell at around Close if optimal holding period exceeded.
  • Optionally, SMT1 allows working with other symbols (except provided ones) using own historical data. However, SMT2 provides data and works exclusively with a group of selected ETF symbols.

SMT2 is provided with User’s Manual which helps to understand the general structure of the software, connections between functional modules, and how effectively utilize all software features. Downloading and installing SMT2 is very easy and explained step-by-step on download page. All retail traders are eligible for free fully-functional version during initial 30-day period.