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Updated Version of TraDeSS-1 Has Been Released

Addaptron Software is pleased to announce the release of updated 2012.06.01 version of Trading Decision Support System TraDeSS-1. Now Simulation module allows optimizing algorithms and their parameters, as well as, performing comparative analysis for many symbols. At the end of batch mode simulation, it prints a summarized list of best buy-sell algorithms and parameters configuration for each symbol. The list is sorted from best to worst performers.

Updated Version of TraDeSS-1 Has Been ReleasedNow Relative Performance Forecast module allows printing output results in HTML-format that include additional information about prediction. It shows the forecast generated by each selected method, as well as, the weights of forecasts that were assigned in a composite forecast. If more than two methods are used, table includes RMSD (it is normalized root-mean-square deviation that is to estimate the degree of forecasts concurrence; the less amount means better consensus among different methods).

The new version is able to read input historical prices files of three different formats. The software recognizes these formats automatically. To enable reading any other format files, users should send the request.