Testing SMAP-2

Testing a new updated SMAP-2

The chart represents the testing of a new updated SMAP-2* 2009.06 version. To test the software, artificial input data have been created. The data result from the sum of three functions: a linear one with k = 0.05 and two sinusoidal functions – T1 = 720 days (amplitude 20), T2 = 80 days (amplitude 5).

The tool exhibits an average deviation between actual curve (green) and predicted one (pink) 0.20%. Yellow curve presents an extrapolation beyond known data.

*) Stock Market Analyzer-Predictor SMAP-2, a finder of optimal investing timing, analyzes and predicts the stock market cycles, defines the best time to buy and sell stocks, and improves investment performance. Forecast horizon can be from a few days to several years. SMAP-2 has an extra feature – statistical analysis that allows a user to benefit from annual, monthly, and weekly cycles. The algorithm of using SMAP-2 – select input data, process data, and view results. The input data are historical quotes of the stock market indexes (funds, well-traded shares, etc).