New Stock Market Forecast Tools SMFT-2 Released

Addaptron Software released a new Stock Market Forecast Tools SMFT-2. It is an integrated advanced system that is the next generation improved software based on older SMFT-1 version and a few recent development projects.

New Stock Market Forecast Tools SMFT-2


Most prediction modules provided with back-test calculation to estimate the accuracy of forecast within the recent performance periods. Additionally, the back-testing computations play an important role if more than one method is used. It allows estimating a weight of each method in a composed result; the weights that are proportional to the ability of the methods to predict the price.

SMFT-2 currently includes five major modules:

  • TA Predictor – prediction for day or week period based on technical analysis, pattern recognition and Neural Networks (generates composite result). Back-analysis models optimization and batch calculation for comparative analysis included.
  • Waves – Elliott Wave model: back-test optimization, up to 10 waves forecast.
  • Cycles – prediction based on cycle analysis.
  • Week day – search for maximum performance using price behavior depending on week day. It allows discovering the best entry/exit days of week; batch calculation included.
  • Month day – search for maximum performance using price behavior depending on month day. It allows discovering the best entry/exit days of month; batch calculation included.

The implemented methods are statistically proven and widely used. All modules share the same EOD (end-of-day) input data. The software is provided with a free Downloader that allows downloading EOD historical quotes files from the Internet for free. A fully-functional software SMFT-2 during initial 30-day period is free. The software and associated documentation are delivered via download links over the Internet. For technical requirements, installation instruction, and download link, visit SMFT-2 download page.

2 thoughts on “New Stock Market Forecast Tools SMFT-2 Released”

  1. How to interpret the candle gramp on the right screen. Also which is actual and which is predit on the imposed candles on the left graph?

  2. Right section is the next day predicted candle. Left side is for back-test results. Darker (red and green) filled candles are predicted. Brighter line-like candles are actual. Please read the Manual via “Help” menu.

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