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What is Difference Between Stock Market Software and Trading Software? Normally, trading software is a computer program that is provided by a brokerage firm to traders to facilitate their trading on the financial markets and manage their accounts. Sometimes, the software is accompanied by tools with some analytical and charting features. Stock market software often means a decision support system that helps investors and traders to make their decisions more accurate.

The expected performance of a stock depends on quality of the company, market evaluation of its stock, and macroeconomic environment. Also the current condition of an overall market is a significant contributing factor in the stock performance. So that it is clear that a good investing decision should be based on a multidimensional consideration of many criteria. However, making decision on the basis of too large data volume is not easy. To solve this dilemma, Addaptron has developed Fundamental-Technical Analyzer (FTA) that performs fundamental, technical, and timing analysis converting them into three ratings. Then it combines these ratings into a single number, composite rating, using a special algorithm.

Flowchart: fundamental, technical, and timing analyses composed together

FTA (InvAn-4) fundamental analysis is performed on the basis of several key ratios and parameters (factors) to reflect company and its stock actual state and dynamics. Also it includes stock performance expectations on the basis of analysts' opinion and external ratings.

FTA (InvAn-4) technical analysis rating is a result of processing the signals from tens of technical indicators and combining them into a single number by using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) algorithm that allows reaching the best accuracy in the forecast. FTA timing rating defines optimal time of a stock to be bought (sold) in the current stock market conditions.

Due to a fast and automatic data processing, FTA enables watching hundreds of stocks. FTA composite rating allows ranking stocks (stock comparison) daily from the worst to the best. It also has other useful features, such as, calculating optimal cash reserve, forecasting stocks' portfolios or an individual stock on the basis of cycles analysis, pattern recognition predictor, technical indicators analysis and ANN predictor, as well as, portfolio management features.

FTA (InvAn-4) helps investors pick the right stocks for their portfolio and determine optimal investment timing. It increases the speed and depth of analysis, makes most necessary calculations for investors, and maximizes profitability. FTA is a comprehensive system with user-friendly interfaces that is easy to use.

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