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SMT2: Next Day Trading with Artificial Intelligence

SMT2 Makes Trading Profitable and Easy

SMT2 is trading simulator software for EOD stock market traders. The software provided with the access to a powerful server-side (cloud equipped with AI) prediction data of selected ETFs. Multi-model Forecast Module calculates the probability of future uptrend based on technical indicators signals, waves prediction, pattern filter, and cycles extrapolation.

Numerous computer simulations based on a big set of data discovered that a better performance can be achieved by adding more conditions for exit. The idea was implemented in 4-Way Exit Method which allows SMT2 to maximize trading return.

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SMT2 has the following benefits:
  • AI forecast output is combined into a single prediction signal that is proportional to the probability of future uptrend. It enables investors/traders to use the software effortlessly.
  • The software predicts entry/exit prices that allows users just to place a limit buy or limit sell order for the next market day.
  • The software has a forecast history simulation functionality that allows users to maximize return by finding the best exits combination.
  • The software includes an extra feature to analyze a current position, track buy-sell transactions, and measure trading performance.
  • Since AI is able to optimize many settings parameters, the number of user-defined parameters is minimized so that users can save time.
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The example of SMT2 user interface: tab-page Simulation

The example of SMT2 user interface: Simulation

To get detailed SMT2 Manual, first download and install SMT2 , then access Help menu via SMT2 main interface.