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Release of SMFT-1 Updated Version
2013-04-27  04:35
Addaptron Software is pleased to announce the release of a new 2013.05 version of Stock Market Forecast Tools SMFT-1. It is an integrated system that includes three major programs: the most popular software program SMAP-3 for stock market cycles analysis and forecast, NNSTP – Neural Network Stock Trend Predictor, and FTA-2 – a modified version […]

Updated Version of TraDeSS-1 Has Been Released
2012-06-03  01:41
Addaptron Software is pleased to announce the release of updated 2012.06.01 version of Trading Decision Support System TraDeSS-1. Now Simulation module allows optimizing algorithms and their parameters, as well as, performing comparative analysis for many symbols. At the end of batch mode simulation, it prints a summarized list of best buy-sell algorithms and parameters configuration […]

Advanced Software System for Professional and Institutional Traders
2012-04-07  23:51
After years of intensive development Addaptron Software has released Trading Decision Support System TraDeSS-1, advanced computer program for institutional traders and investors. It is a comprehensive and effective software to help finding the best trading opportunities, maximizing profitability using several predictive models with back-testing features, and optimizing algorithms by running simulations. TraDeSS-1 is equipped with […]

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