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New Stock Market Forecast Tools SMFT-2 Released
March 3rd, 2015  15:13:34 EST -0500
Addaptron Software released a new Stock Market Forecast Tools SMFT-2. It is an integrated advanced system that is the next generation improved software based on older SMFT-1 version and a few recent development projects.   Most prediction modules provided with back-test calculation to estimate the accuracy of forecast within the recent performance periods. Additionally, the ... [Read more...]

Prediction Combined with Simple Algorithm Provides Stable Return
November 29th, 2014  01:50:10 EST -0500
Any prediction can fail but if it is combined with well-tested buy-sell rules, the result is much better. Addaptron Software provides predictions of major ETFs prices (Open, High, Low, Close) for the next day. This article describes one of the simplest algorithms to use one-day candle prediction data. The algorithm consists of four simple rules: ... [Read more...]

Release of SMFT-1 Updated Version
April 27th, 2013  00:35:09 EDT -0400
Addaptron Software is pleased to announce the release of a new 2013.05 version of Stock Market Forecast Tools SMFT-1. It is an integrated system that includes three major programs: the most popular software program SMAP-3 for stock market cycles analysis and forecast, NNSTP – Neural Network Stock Trend Predictor, and FTA-2 – a modified version ... [Read more...]

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