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Pre-Release Announcement

Addaptron Software has been making steady progress with the development of the next generation of high quality software tools for investors/traders. Although there is still a lot of work ahead, Addaptron Software is getting ready to deliver a new software product, SMT-1 (Stock Market Tools, version 1.0). Its first (beta) release is scheduled for October-November 2018.

One of the achievements is all-in-one output forecast signal. This signal is combined from technical indicators, waves, and cycles data by Artificial Intelligence (AI) module. Also based on prediction accuracy, AI decides what time-frame signals to include. There are three types of output: (1) positive numbers for up trending symbols, (2) negative numbers for down trending ones, and (3) zero numbers for uncertain prediction (when AI is unable to provide a reliable prediction result).

In short, SMT-1 has the following benefits:

  • Its comprehensive AI forecast output is combined into a single list of ranked symbols. Such a simple concept enables most investors/traders to use the software easily.
  • Since AI is able to optimize many settings parameters, the number of user-defined parameters is minimized so that users can save time.
  • The software recommends entry/exit prices that allows users just to place a limit buy or limit sell order for the next market day.
  • The software has a back-test simulation functionality that allows users to try different trading strategies.
  • Except a calculated sell signal, the software has an ability to maximize trading profit by optimizing additional sell-trigger parameters.
  • The software includes an extra feature to analyze a current position, recommend the action, track buy-sell transactions, and measure trading performance.
A screenshot of SMT-1 alpha version, main interface
A screenshot of SMT-1 alpha version, main interface

The SMT-1 release will represent a leap forward in usability, functionality, performance and value for Addaptron Software product users. Visit our website addaptron.com at the end of 2018 to download a beta version of SMT-1 and take advantage of this huge upgrade and promotional deal.