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Release of SMFT-1 Updated Version

April 26th, 2013

Addaptron Software is pleased to announce the release of a new 2013.05 version of Stock Market Forecast Tools SMFT-1. It is an integrated system that includes three major programs: the most popular software program SMAP-3 for stock market cycles analysis and forecast, NNSTP – Neural Network Stock Trend Predictor, and FTA-2 – a modified version of InvAn-4 that is a comprehensive tool used by serious investors for years. The new version includes several improvements, such as, models optimization, ability to read more different input file formats, and optional feature to enable a free Downloader.

Release of SMFT-1 Updated Version

SMFT-1 consists of the tools that employ fundamental ratios rating model, technical analysis, chart pattern analysis, Elliott Wave theory, cycle analysis, candlesticks model, trend lines analysis, regression models, etc. The calculations are empowered by Neural Network. The implemented methods are statistically proven and widely used.

Most methods are provided with back-test calculation to estimate the accuracy of forecast within the recent performance period. The back-testing computations also may play an important role if more than one method is used. It allows estimating a weight of each method in a composed result; the weights that are proportional to the ability of the methods to predict the price.

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